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Samara University is one of the second generation Universities in the country which was established in 1999 E.C/2006/07 G.C in the Afar Regional state to accomplish the mission given to higher education by government which is providing quality education, research, community service and technological transfer for sustainable social, cultural, economic, political, scientific and technological development.


It started teaching with three colleges and twelve departments enrolling 1,867 students. Up to an end of the 2012 E.C, the University was operating with seven colleges, one school, and 40 departments enrolling 10,000 students; 8,000 under graduate regular, 1,325 under graduate extension and 732 postgraduate students. Samara University started postgraduate program in the year 2005 E.C by teaching Master of Business Administration and currently running nine postgraduate programs.


As one of the higher educational institutions in Ethiopia found in pastoralist region, Samara University is playing active role in solving community problems. The University is striving to be one of the top ten leading universities in east Africa in the year 2035. As part of its aspirations towards being a leading national and East African University, it is implementing a number of institutional reforms, curricula reviews, and student-focused service provision.  As a key player in national development initiatives, the University is doing its best for the successful accomplishment sustainable development agenda of Ethiopia through academic, research, and community service interventions.


Among the five departments  under the  college of Business and Economics, department of marketing management  is one of the pioneers department in academic, research, and community service programs in the areas of Marketing Management.  Currently, the marketing management department has one undergraduate program started in the year 2009E.C with 50 students as well as one post graduate programs started in the year 2013E.c with 25 students. The Marketing management as the one of the departments in the college of Business and Economics provides the ideal preparation for a career in marketing. The department of marketing management prepares students to qualify for and excel in marketing careers as well as in other professions where the theory and practice of these disciplines can be applied.  Careers in marketing are expected to remain plentiful in the future, and qualified job seekers will need to have an up-to-date education that addresses current marketing trends and the factors causes by an ever changing economy. The program focuses on specific aspects related to various careers in the field of marketing.

Due to the fact, that large business ventures are being setup and small businesses are growing in the country, obviously, various governmental, on-governmental and industries are looking for professionals with high caliber in marketing management areas. In view of this, the department of marketing management has planned to start a postgraduate program in marketing management. This will enhance the knowledge base of the students in area of marketing management while operating business. Hence, professionalism in the areas of marketing management will be infused through this program to the students to pave way for a better future for the student, community and there by impact on the development of the country in general and Afar region in particular.


POSITION AND RESPONSIBILITY     Head of the marketing management department and my responsibility is controlling the overall activities of the department by collaborating with the concerned body to achieve the mission and vision of the university.

Educational background    Master’s degree

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