Objectives Of The Program

  • General Objectives

This program is designed to:

  • Provide learning opportunity for professionals to pursue their academic career to a higher level
  • Train and develop marketing professionals who can take part in the sustainable economic development process in local, regional and global business environments.
  • Provide an all-rounded and critical assessment of marketing management theories, concepts, principles and practices.
  • Provide broader and deep conceptual and practical framework in the field of marketing by developing skills pertaining to identifying and analyzing marketing information and research needs for managerial decisions.
  • Prepare confident and resourceful graduates for a successful marketing management career.
    • Specific Objectives

This program is designed to provide the following specific objectives.

  • To enable students to make a comprehensive approach to advanced concepts of marketing and reflect the changes taking place in marketing theory and practice,
  • To develop analytical capacity in the theory and practice of consumer behavior,
  • To resolve customers complaints,
  • To design and implement selling activities to prospective customers,
  • To equip students with critical and systemic sales management and channel management capabilities,
  • To enable students develop the knowledge and skills of advanced marketing research tools and instruments,
  • To acquaint students with proactive approach to strategic marketing management rather than merely detecting and reacting to change,
  • To enable students to master global marketing principles,
  • To undertake a comprehensive review and analysis of service marketing issues, practices and relationship marketing strategy,
  • To enable students to examine and explore the various concepts of sales and distribution management functions and their applications in the day-to-day challenges of business,
  • To equip students in designing and managing integrated marketing communications program,
  • To prepare students to market financial products including agricultural commodities on modern marketing institutions like commodity exchange and
  • Finally, to formulate, implement, and monitor international marketing strategies.