President Message

Adem Borri Ondakie (PhD)“When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going”

Since its inception in 2008, Samara University is making great leap towards producing competent and dynamic graduates who fulfill the needs and aspirations of the people. Recalling the past, we have commenced our journey with 1,867 students, 3 faculties and 12 departments. Currently, all our seven colleges went operational totaling 34 departments. Today, the intake capacity of our university reached 4,866 students in regular, 1025      students in extension and 1579 students in summer programmes.

The number of academic and support staffs amounts to 657 and 593 Moreover, the proven track record that we have gone through reveals that our university greatly immersed itself in providing physical infrastructure and facilities that are at full swing in order to create compelling teaching-learning environment.For enhanced quality of education, our students have had the window of opportunity to engage in practice-oriented study within and off-campus.Our academic staffs were also benefited from paramount short-term trainings and further educational opportunities at their disposal.Driven by ever increasing demand from our society, the university has launched various new programmes that include, among others, Afar Language and Literature, Agri-business and Value Chain Management, Civics and Ethical Studies, Chemical Engineering(Sugar Technology),Sugar Cane Agronomy(with first time graduates this year), Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil engineering. In similar vein, the university is making preparations to open department of Arabic Language, Railway Operations Management and Port Service Management that will be momentous for the development of our country and beyond.

On the other hand, in research and community services, encouraging and palpable works have been undertaken. As such, we have identified priority areas that need intervention, so that we become engine of discovery and generation of new knowledge through research. To this end, research projects that geared towards solving problems of the community are in the pipeline. Cognizant of the benefit to integrate research with all rounded community services that include outreach, training (short and medium term) and consultancy services, we have made significant strides so far. Leading by example and based on the demand from Afar Regional State, pioneering study of Regional Gross Domestic Product (RGDP) and Women’s Development Package study were conducted. Moreover, a helping hand was rendered to schools in tutorial program in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics (STEM) for students from grades seven to twelve to enduring summer time is another achievement. Our contribution is also seen in the cooperative works with regional bureaus, NGOs, public enterprises and the community at large.

Conscientious of the environment that it finds itself in, Samara University knows the importance of fostering relationships with local and international partners. Hence, for the benefit of enriching and deepening education, securing international knowledge and intercultural skills, agreements have been reached with various institutions. A glaring example is relationship made with Texas Tech University of United States of America and SzentIstvan University in Hungary. Still copious demand of partnerships, which entails mammoth opportunity for our University, is coming in.

Indeed, when enumerating achievements, it is not by giving less emphasis to the challenges we face. Much remains to be done. Higher education institutions carry with them great responsibility of becoming beaconto the society. It is incumbent on us to take the share to strive for the development of our country in order to hold head high with confidence. The gain made in our university, thus far, needs to be stepped up.

Meanwhile, if we are to move forward, due attention should be accorded to the potentially rich and untapped historical, cultural and natural environment that the region and the nation offer to us in a comparative advantage. Moreover, the reform activities that have the potential of transforming our institution ought not tobe in the back burner. In due process of change, we should make ourselves ready for what it demands. Positive attitude, perseverance, sense of ownership and gallant commitment to our mission and vision is required more than ever.

Whatever faces us on the road to success, we should remember the wise saying that goes ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. The future is on our side, if we can tap on its opportunities.

Adem Borri Ondakie (PhD)
Tel. +251-336 66 00 31
President, Samara University